Punch Hero Mod Apk Free Download (Unlimited Money/Coins) Latest – 2022

Ever since the release of the Nintendo classic Punch-Out!!, people have loved stepping into the boxing ring and duking it out with opponents of all shapes and sizes.

While there haven’t been many good boxing games in recent years, that all changed last year with the release of the Punch Hero mod apk.

This surprisingly addictive game has you facing off against increasingly challenging opponents, each one requiring a different strategy to beat.

What makes Punch Hero even more enjoyable is that you can customize your fighter with new clothes, hairstyles, and more.

If you’re feeling competitive, you may enter one of the numerous online tournaments to see how you compare against other players from all around the world. With Punch Hero apk mod, you can get unlimited coins and gems!

punch hero mod apk

It also allows you to unlock all of the game’s content from the start, so you don’t have to grind your way through the early stages. Punch Hero is a fun and hard boxing game that you should try. And with the apk mod, you may get even more fun out of it!

Game Overview:

Punch Hero is a 2015 mobile boxing game that was published. Gam Evil created the game, which was released by Com2uS. Punch Hero is a free-to-play game that allows for in-app purchases.

Punch Hero puts you in the shoes of an aspiring boxer who must face various opponents in order to become the world champion. The game features simple controls, allowing you to focus on the action. You can dodge, block, and punch your way to victory.

Punch Hero also includes a variety of customization options for your boxer. You can choose from different clothes, hairstyles, and tattoos. You may also dress your boxer with various equipment, within each collection of perks.


Punch Hero mod apk is a boxing game where you face off against opponents of varying difficulties. The idea is to out-punch your opponent greater times than they hit you.  

You can also use special moves to knock them out more quickly. The game is played from a side view, and you have a limited amount of time to defeat your opponent. If you don’t, you’ll forfeit a life. You began the action with three lives, and if you lose them all, the play is done.

To punch your opponent, you simply tap on the screen. You can also hold down to charge up your punches and deliver a more powerful blow. timing is important, as your opponent will try to dodge your punches.

punch hero mod apk


Simple Gameplay:

In Punch Hero Hack APK, you have to defeat 22 fighters who will come in your way to get the title of ultimate world champion. The game features simple controls, allowing you to focus on the action. You can dodge, block, and punch your way to victory.

Graphics Design:

As someone who loves boxing games, I was really excited to try the Punch Hero mod apk. I was not disappointed – the graphics are fantastic. The animations are also excellent, making the game enjoyable to both watch and play.

I was especially impressed with the special effects during the knockout punches, which really add to the sense of impact. In short, Punch Hero is a beautiful game, and the apk mod only makes it better.

Concentrate on your studies:

You can choose the training mode to enhance your skills. Training mode is one of the best features of this game as you can improve your boxing skills and techniques. This will help you to defeat even the strongest opponents with ease in the career mode.

Take part in an amateur battle:

You can also take part in an amateur battle in order to get ranking points. These points will help you in receiving new games and succeeding in the game. The game also includes online events in which you may battle against gamers from all over the world.


You may also obtain achievements by performing certain activities in the game.  These achievements will give you more ranking points and help you to progress in the game.

Series of attacks:

You can also use a series of attacks to defeat your opponents. These attacks include left hook, right uppercut, and left jab. Special moves can also be used to defeat your opponents.

User-friendly Developing:

Punch Hero mod apk is developed by Gamevil, a company known for developing user-friendly games. The game is suitable for all ages. Punch Hero is a great game that provides an enjoyable and challenging experience.

The game is suitable for all ages and provides a great way to improve your boxing skills. And with the apk mod, you can have even more fun!

Game Mode:

Punch Hero mod apk features two game modes: career mode and training mode.

In career mode, you’ll face off against a number of opponents in your quest to become a global champion. You’ll begin in the amateur league and progress to the global championship. You may also engage in online tournaments against gamers from all around the world.

You may practice your boxing abilities and improve your methods in training mode. This is an excellent method to hone your talents and prepare for a job.

The game also features a multiplayer mode in which you can compete with other players online.

punch hero mod apk

Sound Effects:

Punch Hero mod apk features realistic sound effects that add to the immersion. The game also has a piece of excellent music that sets the tone for the action. The audio system of the game is also taken care of by the creators. So, you will hear every sound of the hit that you make on your opponent.

Character Customization:

Punch Hero hack apk allows you to customize your boxer with a variety of clothes, gloves, and tattoos. You may also select from various haircuts and facial traits. You can also customize your training mode by choosing the equipment that you want to use.

Use your face:

Punch Hero mod apk also allows you to use your own face as the face of your boxer. This is a terrific way to customize the game.

punch hero mod apk

Punch Hero Mod Features:

Unlimited Money:

With the Punch Hero MOD APK, you’ll get unlimited Money. This allows you to purchase any item in the game. You may spend this gold on new boxer attire, gloves, and tattoos. You may also use it to purchase new training equipment. With the MOD APK, you’ll also get unlimited energy. This will allow you to play the game for as long as you want without having to worry about running out of energy.

Unlimited Health:

The MOD APK also provides you with unlimited health. This implies that you may play the game without fear of being knocked out.

punch hero mod apk

Punch Hero Mod Apk Free Download:

Punch hero mod apk is a free mod apk that is available on apkrack.com. our mod apk comes with free unlimited resources and a very fast-paced gaming experience.

The original version of the game is available on the google play store. Mod apk and the original version of the game are very similar, there is only one difference which is unlimited resources. Simply download the punch hero mod apk and enjoy.

How To Install Punch Hero Mod Apk:

  1. Download the Punch Hero Mod Apk package from apkrack.com
  2. Go to file manager and locate the apk package from the download directory
  3. Just click on the app icon to install the game
  4. if that does not work just go to phone setting >>>security settings>>>allow unknown resources then install apk file
  5. when you install the mod apk file just simply run and enjoy!!

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